Source code for matchms.exporting.save_as_msp

import logging
import os
from typing import IO, Dict, List, Union
from ..Fragments import Fragments
from ..Spectrum import Spectrum

logger = logging.getLogger("matchms")

_extentions_not_allowed = ["mzml", "mzxml", "json", "mgf"]

[docs]def save_as_msp(spectra: List[Spectrum], filename: str, write_peak_comments: bool = True): """Save spectrum(s) as msp file. :py:attr:`~matchms.Spectrum.losses` of spectrum will not be saved. Example: .. code-block:: python import numpy from matchms import Spectrum from matchms.exporting import save_as_msp # Create dummy spectrum spectrum = Spectrum(mz=numpy.array([100, 200, 300], dtype="float"), intensities=numpy.array([10, 10, 500], dtype="float"), metadata={"charge": -1, "inchi": '"InChI=1S/C6H12"', "precursor_mz": 222.2}) # Write spectrum to test file save_as_msp(spectrum, "test.msp") Parameters ---------- spectra: Expected input are match.Spectrum.Spectrum() objects. filename: Provide filename to save spectrum(s). write_peak_comments: Writes peak comments to individual peaks after the respective mz/intensity pair when set to True. Default is True. """ file_extension = filename.split(".")[-1] assert file_extension.lower() not in _extentions_not_allowed, \ f"File extension '.{file_extension}' not allowed." if not filename.endswith(".msp"): logger.warning("Spectra will be stored as msp file with extension .%s", filename.split(".")[-1]) spectra = _ensure_list(spectra) with open(filename, "w", encoding="utf-8") as outfile: for spectrum in spectra: _write_spectrum(spectrum, outfile, write_peak_comments)
def _write_spectrum(spectrum: Spectrum, outfile: IO, write_peak_comments: bool): _write_metadata(spectrum.metadata, outfile) if write_peak_comments is True: _write_peaks(spectrum.peaks, spectrum.peak_comments, outfile) else: _write_peaks(spectrum.peaks, None, outfile) outfile.write(os.linesep) def _write_peaks(peaks: Fragments, peak_comments: Spectrum.peak_comments, outfile: IO): outfile.write(f"NUM PEAKS: {len(peaks)}\n") for mz, intensity in zip(, peaks.intensities): peak_comment = _format_peak_comment(mz, peak_comments) outfile.write(f"{mz}\t{intensity}{peak_comment}\n".expandtabs(12)) def _write_metadata(metadata: dict, outfile: IO): for key, value in metadata.items(): if not (_is_num_peaks(key) or _is_peak_comments(key)): outfile.write(f"{key.upper()}: {value}\n") def _format_peak_comment(mz: Union[int, float], peak_comments: Dict): """Format peak comment for given mz to return the quoted comment or empty string if no peak comment is present.""" if peak_comments is None: return "" peak_comment = peak_comments.get(mz, None) if peak_comment is None: return "" return f"\t\"{peak_comment}\"" def _is_num_peaks(key: str) -> bool: return key.lower().startswith("num peaks") or key.lower().startswith("num_peaks") def _is_peak_comments(key: str) -> bool: return key.lower().startswith("peak_comments") def _ensure_list(spectra) -> List[Spectrum]: if not isinstance(spectra, list): # Assume that input was single Spectrum spectra = [spectra] return spectra