Source code for matchms.filtering.clean_compound_name

import logging
import re
from ..typing import SpectrumType

logger = logging.getLogger("matchms")

[docs]def clean_compound_name(spectrum_in: SpectrumType) -> SpectrumType: """Clean compound name. A list of frequently seen name additions that do not belong to the compound name will be removed. """ def remove_parts_by_regular_expression(name): """Clean name string by removing known parts that don't belong there.""" name = name.strip() # remove type NCGC00180417-03_C31H40O16_ name = re.split(r"[A-Z]{3,}[0-9]{8,}-[0-9]{2,}_[A-Z,0-9]{4,}_", name)[-1] # remove type NCGC00160232-01! or MLS001142816-01! name = re.split(r"[A-Z]{3,}[0-9]{8,}-[0-9]{2,3}\!", name)[-1] # remove type Massbank:EA008813 option1|option2|option3 name = re.split(r"((Massbank:)|(MassbankEU:))[A-Z]{2}[0-9]{5,6}.*\|", name)[-1] # remove type Massbank:EA008813 or MassbankEU:EA008813 name = re.split(r"((Massbank:)|(MassbankEU:))[A-Z]{2}[0-9]{5,6}", name)[-1] # remove type HMDB:HMDB00943-1336 name = re.split(r"HMDB:HMDB[0-9]{4,}-[0-9]{1,}", name)[-1] # remove type MoNA:662599 name = re.split(r"MoNA:[0-9]{5,}", name)[-1] # ReSpect:PS013405 option1|option2|option3... name = re.split(r"ReSpect:[A-Z]{2,}[0-9]{6}.*\|", name)[-1] # ReSpect:PS013405 option1 name = re.split(r"[A-Z]{2,}[0-9]{6}( )", name)[-1] # remove type 0072_2-Mercaptobenzothiaz name = re.split(r"^[0-9]{4}_", name)[-1] # remove type nameofcompound_CID20_170920 or Spiraeoside_HCD30_170919 name = re.split(r"_((HCD)|(CID))[0-9]{2}_[0-9]{5,6}$", name)[0] return name def remove_known_non_compound_parts(name): """Remove known non compound-name strings from name.""" parts_remove = ["Spectral Match to", "from NIST14", "Massbank:"] for part in parts_remove: name = name.replace(part, "") return name.strip("; ") def remove_misplaced_mass(name): """Remove occasionally occurring parent mass addition to name.""" regex_mass = r"^[0-9]{2,4}\.[0-9]$" end_part = name.split(" ")[-1] if, end_part) is not None: return name.replace(end_part, "").strip() return name if spectrum_in is None: return None spectrum = spectrum_in.clone() if spectrum.get("compound_name", None) is not None: name = spectrum.get("compound_name") else: assert spectrum.get("name", None) in [None, ""], ("Found 'name' but not 'compound_name' in metadata", "Apply 'add_compound_name' filter first.") return spectrum # Clean compound name name_cleaned = remove_parts_by_regular_expression(name) name_cleaned = remove_known_non_compound_parts(name_cleaned) name_cleaned = remove_misplaced_mass(name_cleaned) if name_cleaned != name: spectrum.set("compound_name", name_cleaned)"Added cleaned compound name: %s", name_cleaned) return spectrum