Source code for matchms.filtering.require_minimum_of_high_peaks

import logging
from ..typing import SpectrumType
from .select_by_relative_intensity import select_by_relative_intensity

logger = logging.getLogger("matchms")

[docs]def require_minimum_of_high_peaks(spectrum_in: SpectrumType, no_peaks: int = 5, intensity_percent: float = 2.0) -> SpectrumType: """Returns None if the number of peaks with relative intensity above or equal to intensity_percent is less than no_peaks. Parameters ---------- spectrum_in: Input spectrum. no_peaks: Minimum number of peaks allowed to have relative intensity above intensity_percent. Less peaks will return none. Default is 5. intensity_percent: Minimum relative intensity (as a percentage between 0-100) for peaks that are searched. Default is 2 """ if spectrum_in is None: return None spectrum = spectrum_in.clone() assert no_peaks >= 1, "no_peaks must be a positive nonzero integer." assert 0 <= intensity_percent <= 100, "intensity_percent must be a scalar between 0-100." intensities_above_p = select_by_relative_intensity(spectrum, intensity_from=intensity_percent/100, intensity_to=1.0) if len(intensities_above_p.peaks) < no_peaks:"Spectrum with %s (<%s) peaks was set to None.", str(len(intensities_above_p.peaks)), str(no_peaks)) return None return spectrum